This series will be a study through Herman Bavinck’s The Wonderful Works of God, Bavinck’s simple and beautiful one-volume systematic theology. 


Chapter 1: Man's Highest Good

Chapter 2: The Knowledge of God

Chapter 3: General Revelation

Chapter 4: The Value of General Revelation

Chapter 5: The Manner of Special Revelation

Chapter 6: The Content of Special Revelation

Chapter 7: The Holy Scriptures

Chapter 8: Scripture and Confession

Chapter 9: The Being of God

Chapter 10: The Divine Trinity

Chapter 11: Creation and Providence

Chapter 12: The Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man

Chapter 13: Sin and Death

Chapter 14: The Covenant of Grace

Chapter 15: The Mediator of the Covenant

Chapter 16: The Divine and Human Nature of Christ

Chapter 17: The Work of Christ in His Humiliation

Chapter 18: The Work of Christ in His Exaltation 

Chapter 19: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 20: The Christian Calling

Chapter 21: Justification

Chapter 22: Sanctification

Chapter 23: The Church of Christ

Chapter 24: Eternal Life