September 29, 2019

God With Us (John 1:14)

Pastor: Ben Muresan Series: John Topic: John Scripture: John 1:14

First Scripture Reading: Exodus 40:16-38

Second Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:1-10

Sermon Text: John 1:14

This Sunday we will consider how Jesus fulfills the types and shadows of the Old Covenant, especially all that the Tent of Meeting foreshadowed. F.F. Bruce, in his book, New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes, provides a wonderful summary of this fulfillment when he writes:

In Jesus the promise is confirmed, the covenant is renewed, the prophecies are fulfilled, the law is vindicated, salvation is brought near, sacred history has reached its climax, the perfect sacrifice has been offered and accepted, the great priest over the household of God has taken his seat at God’s right hand, the Prophet like Moses has been raised up, the Son of David reigns, the Kingdom of God has been inaugurated, the Son of Man has received dominion from the Ancient of Days, the Servant of the Lord, having been smitten to death for his people’s transgression and borne the sin of many, has accomplished the divine purpose, has seen the light after the travail of his soul and is now exalted and extolled and made very high.