May 26, 2019

Remember What God Has Done (Joshua 3-4)

Pastor: Ben Muresan Series: Joshua: God Keeps His Promises Topic: Joshua Scripture: Joshua 3:1– 4:24

First Scripture Reading: Joshua 3:1-17

Second Scripture Reading: Joshua 4:1-24

Sermon Text: Joshua 3:1 - 4:24

We will worship the Lord in Word and in the sacrament of Communion. As you prepare for worship, consider how the Heidelberg Catechism explains the significance of the elements of bread and wine:

Q. 79. Why then does Christ call the bread his body and the cup his blood, or the new covenant in his blood, and why does Paul speak of a participation in the body and blood of Christ?

A. Christ speaks in this way for a good reason: He wants to teach us by his supper that as bread and wine sustain us in this temporal life, so his crucified body and shed blood are true food and drink for our souls to eternal life. But, even more important, he wants to assure us by this visible sign and pledge, first, that through the working of the Holy Spirit we share in his true body and blood as surely as we receive with our mouth these holy signs in remembrance of him, and, second, that all his suffering and obedience are as certainly ours as if we personally had suffered and paid for our sins.

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