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The New Covenant

December 31, 2017 Pastor: Ben Muresan Series: Hebrews: Christ Is Superior

Topic: Hebrews Scripture: Hebrews 8:7–13

The sermon text will be Hebrews 8:7-13.

Some within the original audience of the letter of Hebrews were tempted to return to the Old Covenant form of worship and faith. They were struggling because of persecution and immaturity in their newfound faith in Christ. The inspired author wrote to encourage them to persevere in their faith in Christ because he is the Mediator of the New Covenant, a covenant that is superior in every way. The prophets spoke of this New Covenant as the time when God would fully and finally accomplish the redemption he promised through his Messiah. The Old Covenant merely pointed forward through types and shadows to this greater covenant that was to come. Sinclair Ferguson explains the blessings of the New Covenant when he writes: “New Covenant believers receive such a fullness of the Spirit that sometimes we struggle to understand the conditions of believers in the Old Covenant. The Spirit withheld the fullness of his manifestation, and only some experienced a heightened revelation of his goodness. While this was more than sufficient for faith and worship, New Covenant believers enjoy the astounding privilege of seeing the almighty God in the face of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised this blessing, and he fulfilled his promise at Pentecost, the unique event at which he poured out his Spirit in rivers of living water to his Church.”