“Praying with Paul” will be a study of a number of the prayers of the Apostle Paul. Our series will be based on D.A. Carson’s book of the same title. The aim is to consider a number of principles from Scripture and from the author’s experience that should be of help to us in further developing and improving our prayer lives.

Ch. 1 - Lessons from the School of Prayer

Ch. 2 - The Framework of Prayer

Ch. 3 - Worthy Petitions

Ch. 4 - Praying for Others

Ch. 5 - A Passion for People

Ch. 6 - A Challenging Prayer

Ch. 7 - Excuses for Not Praying

Ch. 8 - Overcoming the Hurdles

Ch. 9 - A Sovereign & Personal God

Ch. 10 - Praying to the Sovereign God

Ch. 11 - Praying for Power

Ch. 12 - Praying for Ministry